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To perform this effective spell to protect someone we love, you must strive to visualize a powerful white light around you. Light will act as a protective barrier against the threat of negative energies or the forces of evil. While there are also rituals to protect things or spells to protect your home that work very well, this is meant to give protection to a specific person.

For this spell you will need a photograph of your loved one where he appears happy or calm.

A full color photo will be much more effective, since it will make the energies of the Universe act more effectively when it comes to protecting you.

Remember that black and white photographs are associated with death, so it will always be more convenient one that is color and framed, preferably in a silver frame.

For this spell it is necessary:

  • A white candle
  • A photo of the person we want to protect
  • Incense

Casting the spell to protect our beloved

Light the incense and then the candle. Once you have done it, you should recite the following:

“Universe forces, protect [name of person],

At work and outside of it,

When he sleeps and when he loves

Give [name of person] permanent protection. “

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

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