Know the magic spells

Explanation of Magical Spells

When you learn to use magic, the best place to start is knowing the magic spells

Know each type of spell and what are its peculiarities: practices, recommendations and advice. So I cast my personal magical spells that I use in my daily life in my rituals and prayers: and now you can use them too!

Just let these magical spells illuminate your path, but do not be blinded. There are no “effective” or “ineffective” spells in the world of magic. Of course, there are methodologies and processes of what each spell needs to work, but I encourage you to trust your intuition and choose the right spell for your life.

What is needed before casting magic spells

Before casting spells you need to clear the energies so that the magic takes effect.

About magical spells

We can divide magical spells into 5 major groups, with their characteristics and individual characteristics.

1.Love spells: Love is very powerful. It is because the love between people produces powerful emotions and energies. When you practice magic you have to take responsibility for what you want and what you do. Remember that what you want for others will be returned to you, even stronger than what you sent before.

2. Money spells: One of the first things you want to know to people about magic is if they can use a spell to attract money. The answer is yes, but this requires a deep understanding of what money really is.

3. Lucky spells: Your luck is something you can control with lucky spells. Even though you could have done all that extra to prepare the way for good things to arrive in your life, a good luck spell can be the e, extra bid you need to make sure of what you want and when. you want.

4. Protection spells: Some of the most useful and simple spells are protection ones. Protection spells work by protecting your home and loved ones from a spiritual or even physical invasion (to be safe from physical threats, do not forget to close the door and use an alarm if you need it!). They also work to repel negative energies from your sacred space.

5. Spells to scare away: A spell to scare is useful to keep something or someone from our life permanently. Just make sure you really want him to leave and never come back!

Magic is the path to fulfillment, the reflection of our power and the key to a happy life.

Each of the types of spells have their own purposes: love, money, luck, protection scare something away … Only when you use them are you able to understand the subtlest signals of the Universe to begin to dominate your own life. They are like a ray of light that illuminates the keys necessary to create abundance and generate prosperity as your soul grows in the field of wisdom and well-being.

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