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The explanation of protection spells

Magic spells can be used for offensive purposes, and it is for this reason that we are able to find a good number of these spells that are very surprising.

However, magic can also be used, in the same way, to protect ourselves and defend ourselves from what threatens us. Although it is true that this type of spells require a higher level of experience and concentration, it is also true that their results are much more satisfactory.

With a spell to protect us not only are we helping ourselves, but the powerful powers of a spell of this kind can also be used to protect someone we choose, for which they can be very useful spells to protect the house and everyone who lives in it. Combining the strength of these spells with some spell for good luck is a perfect decision.

Using magic to protect us is undoubtedly a very intelligent idea. There are many ways to protect ourselves with magic, or to eliminate the negative influences of our life.

How you do it depends on your situation, but never depend solely on magic if you are in serious danger. If you receive any threat from the physical world, it is very important that you use the resources of the physical world to protect yourself.

To drive away someone from our life, someone who does not like us or who does not bring us anything positive, can be easier by using spells to scare away. It is a good solution, since besides not harming anyone, it can be an effective way to give a magical boost out of our life.

If the problem seems more serious and you think someone has cast a spell on you, you may need to try another, much more powerful magic.

When to cast a protection spell?

Then you will know the correct way to cast a protection spell. Naturally, the specific details will vary for the different types of protection you use.

Identify what you want to be protected

Until you clearly know what you want to be protected from, there is no way to discover what kind of spell you need to cast. Psychological threats, black magic or traumatic episodes emotionally require different types of protection spells.

Explain your problem out loud

Speaking out loud about what is bothering us, as well as telling the whole story of the event, can be especially useful in helping us identify the exact cause of the negativity or threat, thus making our protection much easier and more effective. The more details you give, the more opportunities you will have to understand their cause.

To meditate

Meditating on the idea that is tormenting you can help you cleanse the negative feelings that invade your mind and clear your brain to facilitate your concentration when casting a spell.

Prepare your material

Lighting candles or incense and distributing some herbs can be especially useful to create a more receptive and sensitive atmosphere.

The smell produced by these elements can be useful because of their protective properties, which can be useful both during the execution of the spell and once executed.

Protect your house

For starters, you can burn a little sage as you walk through each room of your home casting the enchantment. This will add an extra level of protection to your home, which will make the residence you live in the safe place it should always be.

It is very important that if you cast another type of magic, this is related to the protection spells you are using, in order to increase the positive power and add a higher level of energy to the effective protective of your spells.

An obscene language, a pessimistic attitude or having bad intentions do nothing but increase the negative energy of where you are, which will weaken the magic, so that its protection is not totally productive. Using a negative language can lead to malice being introduced into your spell, jeopardizing the effectiveness of the protection.

Make sure you get all thoughts that may have a negative energy charge from you, as well as try to maintain those feelings of purity and good intention.

Protection spells are a very powerful form of magic that performer can correctly work to keep you safe and avoid negative energies, thus becoming one of the favorite spells for connoisseurs of magic around the world.

What expectations do you have of a protection spell?

As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. However, there are specific situations in which casting a protection spell can be especially beneficial:

  • To protect ourselves or someone we love: By invoking white magic we can attract protection for ourselves or for our loved ones.
  • We want to protect our positive energy: If we want to avoid dark or negative sensations, a protection spell can help us.
  • We want to preserve success: Whether we are big celebrities or normal citizens, it is normal that we want to protect all that we have achieved in our lives.
  • To protect our finances: Saving is something that is not easy for many, so with a protection spell we can increase the chances that all our money is protected against any force of evil.

What is needed before casting magic spells

Before casting spells you need to clear the energies so that the magic takes effect.

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