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The result of a spell to protect some of our material possessions depends, in large part, on our abilities to visualize energy and to attract results favorable to our intentions.

Just as there are spells to protect our pet or a loved one, this spell is intended to protect a physical object.

The rituals of protection include the drawing of a five-point pentagram that will help us protect what we want.

To perform this protection spell for a precious object you only need that object.

How to cast a spell for the protection of an object

Concentrate on your beloved object and visualize the intense violet light that comes from your fingers. Draw the shape of the staff on your object as you say:

“With this powerful light I always protect you,

They will never steal or lose you,

By the power of the Universe,

So be it. “

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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