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Whether you have just ended a stormy relationship, as if you have never felt love and long to live that feeling, there is always a very beneficial ritual that we can carry out in order to improve our disposition in the Universe to find and be reciprocated in front of this wonderful feeling.

To perform this ritual is really simple, as well as very practical, since we can do it anywhere, be it at home, at work or while we are transported by bus.

As you already know, love is one of the most powerful elements that exist in our reality. Many people underestimate it and ignore the beneficial effects of an affable and conciliatory attitude towards all the elements that surround them. But there is something else: you are part of that whole and that everything is yourself, so just as if you are looking for love for yourself, at the same time you should look for it for others.

But there is something else: you are part of that whole and that everything is yourself, so just as if you are looking for love for yourself, at the same time you should look for it for others…. A quiet and quiet place, like your room or a park, can be great places to start finding love.

Ritual to invoke love

We are the Universe that we create. If you think about it a little, most of the times our current circumstances are the result of our own behavior. And is that, although we can not intervene in how events happen, I have to tell you that 100% of the time it is in our hands to change that situation.

The same happens in this case, since love will be there where we sow it. You do not need money or much effort or time. Only the will that each of your actions be charged with this ancestral feeling.

If there is currently a problem of love that torments you, from now on you should know that the best way to find what we are looking for is by approaching it. In addition to testing this effective ritual, you can also learn more about love in places of great value, such as www.amoramargo.com, where you will learn the most important thing about love.

Step 1: Know your purposes

Love is a broad and varied term. Each one of us understands in a way what is love and we know how to detect a kind act of an interested person. However, there are many times that by ignorance or simply by inexperience, sometimes we assign this feeling to events or events that really are not, and vice versa.

Just focus on that aspect of your life where you consider that love is not abundant. Just focus on that aspect of your life where you consider that love is not abundant. Surely you do not need to think for a long time, we quickly find in our mind:

  • Recover a love
  • Restore your relationship
  • Get along better with someone
  • Find your first couple
  • Love yourself
  • Etc.

You can choose several, because the purposes are always usually linked, so that the achievement of one, supposes, simultaneously, the attainment of others. For this same reason, starting with 1 or 2 purposes is usually enough.

Once you have been able to clearly define with words which are the ones that best represent love for you in your future life, it is time to make them permanent in some place. You can use pieces of paper, a notebook or even your own mobile phone. You can write as many as you want, but you will surely get 5 or 6 powerful enough to help you with the exercise.

Step 2: Identify some love-laden memories

This is the most important part of the whole ritual, since to define correctly what love means to us, will depend exclusively on the success or failure of our purpose. It’s basically

To understand what love is, you must find those things that represent love in our purest state. It can be anything from memories, places, real people or story characters. Normally the most powerful are the ideas that first appear in our mind:

  • A trip you made
  • Someone you met
  • A dream that you have had
  • The birth of a loved one
  • Etc.

Find one that is related in some way to your prayers. And try to relive those feelings as much as you can. Look around and understand what was in you that somehow activated that feeling.

For example, if your purpose is to find a partner, a good idea is to concentrate on those elements that evoke those feelings that we long for, and although we have never felt it, we have seen movies or television series where love was good represented.

Step 3: Immediately bring the love to your life

Once you are clear about what love means to you, both in the past and in the future, it is time to start them in the present.

First take the papers with your purposes and read them, one by one, and out loud.

Lie on the bed or on the couch, trying not to be interrupted by anyone. You can drink some water, close the blinds and light incense and candles. Everything you need to feel comfortable.

Now, the only thing you have to do, after taking responsibility for your breathing and dedicating some time to concentrate, is to use your powerful memories of the past to “create” in your mind a scenario where your purposes are represented.

Continuing with the previous example, to find a partner you can feel like the protagonist who has a great romantic night in a movie you’ve seen recently.

It can last as long as you want, but the more you do it, the more likely you are to succeed. The important thing is that you adhere the meaning of these sensations to your own way of seeing the world and emanate that energy to the world around you.

If you do it every night, little by little you will do it also during the day, and without realizing it, you will be able to become an authentic source of love for everything that surrounds you.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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