Are there really astral travel?

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Many times we have seen in films or on television talk about astral projections and trips to other planes of our consciousness.

What for many may be mere science fiction, for others it is more than a story, since some say that mastering this kind of techniques to expand the mind beyond what we can imagine is possible, which would lead to knowing what in a natural plane of consciousness would not be possible.

In addition, they ensure that there is a close relationship between astral travel and lucid dreams. However, are they both really real?

The answer is very simple: if you experience them, they will be. Although this is not always the case, since they will only be true lucid dreams or extracorporeal experience when we know that we are dreaming, or when we manage to extract our consciousness to the astral plane, respectively.

Many people have always been very interested in this type of practice but have never known if it was true or just a story for children.

Some time ago I myself firmly believed that astral travel and try everything possible to get an extra corporal experience.

I searched for information in the last corner about this type of practices and with everything I learned quickly, I got down to work to get it.

What happened was quite curious.

When you are 16 years old you start to be interested in new things and you begin to ask more existential questions that lead you to ask yourself if it is possible to reach the mind through unknown horizons or if, on the contrary, none of that is possible.

I learned to meditate and reach the correct frequency that led me to the state of conscious sleep.

This was when I began to experience that I was able to master everything I dreamed and that I could travel to a whole new world.

Little by little I began to be able to separate my astral body from my physical body.

Sometimes I saw myself clearly leaving my room and every time I was able to feel that experience as something more alive and real that I can not explain.

I quickly realized what was happening and I began to see that everything made sense.

Reality about astral travel and lucid dreams

If you stop to think about it, everything is closely related. Extracorporeal experiences, lucid dreams and sleep paralysis are three concepts with a common axis.

Sleep paralysis occurs when our state of consciousness remains active even though our body has stopped responding. You are aware of what is happening while you lie in your bed.

A feeling similar to that of levitating begins to arise when we dissociate the mind from the body. Your body is disconnected from your consciousness and as the body falls asleep, consciousness passes to a replica of your body on the other plane.

Many call it soul or spirit, however everything will depend on our own paradigm.

Although at first it may generate fear, or even paralysis itself may sometimes seem unpleasant, it is important to remember that once you manage to separate yourself from your physical body, you can explore your bedroom, and fly through obstacles in a very realistic way.

In this way the conclusions seem clear, right? On the one hand we see that all the states of the dream have a close relationship between them, just as we realize that in reality everything has a meaning that many people could overlook.

As you see, the astral projections are as real as your dreams or any other state of mind different from consciousness.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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