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If we talk about clairvoyance, or simply about clairvoyance, surely many will imagine the typical fortune-teller with big golden earrings, a foreign accent and his ability to observe the future in front of a crystal ball. Many will wonder if the magic really works, but what they do not know is that the magic is closer than they can imagine, even within themselves, and that it is therefore possible to develop those skills with a little dedication.

Also, nothing special is necessary to be able to develop the power to see the future for oneself. We just have to explore the different techniques and methodologies until we find the one that best suits us.

The word clairvoyance, which etymologically speaking is linked to “see clearly”, is the faculty possessed by those people capable of seeing the truth, both in the past, as in the present and the future.

Many seers have this gift since they are born, however, with a little training, it is possible to develop these skills in not too long.

These clues will help you to know if you really have a predisposition to be able to become a clairvoyant:

  • You have had a very real dream that has come true.
  • You have lost something and you have been able to find it because an image of the place where it was found has come to your mind.
  • You have been able to predict some action, for example, in which plant a neighbor of the elevator goes down.
  • You have received a mental image of someone who soon finds or calls you.

These experiences can be described as “clairvoyance”, and they are very normal and more frequent than you can imagine.

In addition, we can take advantage of it to the point of considerably improving our overall quality of life, so learning to develop this visionary power will not only make you a surprising person, but also someone with a very useful tool for day to day life. .

Clairvoyance is a faculty that can be improved and made more powerful, but, like everything else, it needs to be learned and put into practice so that, in a short time, you can be able to guess what is going to happen.

1. Do not be afraid to see the future

Most adult visionaries began to have their first clairvoyant experiences during the childhood stage. For a person who discovers this type of powers at such an early age, it is not surprising that it is as strange as it is terrifying, so it is normal to “ignore” their abilities to protect themselves.

It is important that we get rid of that feeling of fear to know the future. One of the best ways to do this is to sit down somewhere comfortable and calm, and meditate with the intention of making clear our will to move away from us the fear of seeing our own future.

2. Ask your question directly

To get concrete answers we must ask specific questions. We must choose our words well when formulating our questions. We should not try to fool ourselves. Do not be afraid and add to your question as many details as you wish to know details.

3. Take a deep breath and focus on your Third Eye

After releasing your question, perform three slow and deep breaths. Then, concentrate on the area between your eyes. Here is the so-called Third Eye, also known as chakra, and is responsible for activating your psychic powers.

While performing the breathing exercise you should strive to see an oval shape that rests in the area between your eyes. See if your Third Eye is open, ajar or if it is completely closed.

Our goal is to open it, so it is important that we make clear our manifestation of wanting to do so. When you get it, you will experience a sense of peace and well-being that you may not have felt for a long time.

4. Pay attention to all the images that come to your mind

Clairvoyants are known to receive an eventual bombardment of images. Sometimes they are more and in others, less. The way you receive these images may vary, since it may be a static image, or moving. They can also appear in black and white or full color. Sometimes it can also look like a drawing.

5. Increase the sharpness and size of the images

To do it, you just have to ask for it. In life few things are more powerful than our intentions, so if you want, you can.

6. Attribute a meaning to what you see

In addition to striving to improve the quality of mental images, we must also learn to give them an unmistakable meaning. Although, as in the previous point, the way to do it is very simple. Although, as in the previous point, we only have to ask ourselves for the meaning of those images and pay attention to what we see, hear or feel. How to do it is very simple. If the first answer does not convince you, ask again until you find an answer that satisfies you. The physical information is there for us, we just have to try to understand its meaning clearly.

7. Trust what you see

Although this is the last step, this is perhaps the most important of all, since if we discard any of the images that come to us because we think it is our imagination, we may be losing valuable opportunities. Make sure to contrast every information you receive and learn to validate the confidence of your predictions.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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