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Magical love is very powerful. It is because of the love between people that can produce emotions and very powerful energies. Keep in mind that when you practice magic, you have to take responsibility for what you want and what you do.

What you want for others is what ultimately comes to you, even in a more powerful way than you did. In the magic of love, only positive action can have a positive result!

Trying to manipulate the will of the desired person is the most frequent mistake that people get entangled in and that makes the results not what they expect.

Also, we recommend that before using magic you ask yourself the following question:

Why do I want a couple? How intense is my love? Is it real or is it simple physical attraction?

Love guarantees freedom, so think about your well-being and happiness before trying to change things. Magic is a practical tool and an excellent choice if you have the will to honor the altar of love.

If you are able to bring your own transformation to him, you will become a better person, improve your character, understanding and communication. This is how magic becomes a great option and attracts more happiness, balance and satisfaction for you, but also for your partner.

The ideal time to perform magical rituals of love

The optimum moment for the Magic of love is during the crescent moon. This is so because in this phase the moon is growing, according to the Law of analogy, our power and attraction can also be influenced by that growth. The increased power of the moon helps us more and more.

The best day for love spells is Friday, since it is Venus day. If you want your spell to be even more precise and powerful, remember also the time of year and the current position of the sun in the zodiac.

Wait for the sunset. If you want your magic to work, you must feel good both physically and psychologically. If you feel weak, sad or tired, wait until another moment to use magic.

The first step is to review you; It is a requirement that you feel the balance and strength within you, not in anyone else. If you can not be happy in solitude, you will not be happy even with the couple of your dreams!


Festival of love: Magic to unite couples with love

Cook and enjoy for those you love! You know what they say: love goes through the stomach. So preparing and sharing delicious dishes with people produces a powerful natural attraction. If you cook something for the person you love, be assured that those positive feelings will remain in it, opening a great door to communication. You can enhance this effect by using the right mixes of spices. Use those designed to stimulate desires. The ideal ingredient, which returns passion and refreshes any relationship, is chili pepper.

However, sweet foods work extraordinarily well. But it is important to know the preferences of the person for whom you prepare the food. Try to discover it, and if you do not cook well, learn! Your effort will have its reward.

Magical love spell with fruits

Love spells tend to have as main objective to increase the power of attraction or call the couple of your dreams. Oranges and apples are used as offerings for many deities and spirits, but it is also an essential gift for lovers. Before giving one of these fruits, load it with your energy and intentions. Place the fruit between your hands to visualize how love and attraction flow within the fruit.

Visualize how love and attraction flow. Pay attention, because if your intention is pure and your focus is strong … the effect will be immediate!

You can also use cherries or strawberries. If the person you think of has other food preferences … use dark chocolate.

Love spell to get harmony in a relationship

Do you think the harmony is fading? Do you want to correct and make your relationship return to the precious place that corresponds to it? Try this spell:

  1. It starts on the day of the crescent moon.
  2. Grab two beans and put them together underground. Before planting, whisper your name and the name of your partner.
  3. Give them love and affection daily. When they begin to grow, gently interlace their videos to join in a single unit. Each day, while you shower them with your love, solidly visualize those things that you want to have in a relationship. Think about what you will do better than before, talk to your partner from your mind. Visualize clearly how happy you are together, how harmonious your relationship is as it grows more and more. Feel it as if it were already happening before you.
  4. Remember: love is not only about your needs. Also think about what your partner needs, what can you improve to make your love develop? The purest form of love is to respect your partner and give her space to be herself, without the need to change something in her.

Simple love ritual with candles and roses

  1. Take a picture of yourself and one of the couple of your dreams. The best time to start this ritual that Friday.
  2. Lighten them with a white candle and a red candle.
  3. First, pray the Lord’s Prayer and then praise Mary Magdalene, the Hindu god Shiva or the voodoo goddess Erzulia….
  4. Place the most beautiful red rose on the altar. Explain your love wishes and join the two photos with candle wax. You can also add some honey, the symbol of sweet love.
  5. Place the photos under the red and half candle. Think about the subject of your desire in the most positive way, how you are happiest when you are together. Ignore denial: avoid thinking about how sad it is when you are not together. Negative thoughts must stay away, because they will ruin your ritual.
  6. After meditation, collect the rose, candle and photos and bury them under a beautiful and healthy tree that has a great potential for growth.

Spell to attract your true love

This spell is intended for all those single people who want to attract a compatible partner to their lives. If you have ever felt the effects of a bad relationship in your life, you can unconsciously attract that type of relationship to your life over and over again. It is crucial to know exactly what kind of couple we want. The law of resonance is very strict and we must know how to make it operate wisely in our favor, and not against us.

What you will need: An elegant romantic letter, a green candle and a lighter.

Preparation before the ritual: Buy an elegant romantic letter, which represents love and falling in love with another person. Describe in it your ideal partner and write all the qualities that you consider essential in your partner.

When to execute it: It starts before the new moon. Every day from the day you start until the second Friday, you will light the candle and let it shine throughout the magical ritual, then blow to extinguish it.

Instructions for the ritual: The first thing is to relax your mind and try to focus on the here and now, what is the purpose of your magical activity? Focus on the letter, on the couple of your dreams that you want to attract. Try to feel as real as possible, as you would feel if the couple of your dreams were already at your side. Need to feel that it is already with you, holding your hand! Then he pronounces the following words:

“In the name of Venus, the goddess of love, come to my life!”

Concentrate on the qualities of the letter again, and try to meditate on them. Ask each letter for the quality: “Do I have _______ for me? What does _______ mean to me?“(for example, respect)

Yes, you got it right. If you do not have it, try to feel that quality for yourself, find a situation in which you deserve respect, understanding and affection. Do this with each quality, one by one. Then the ritual ends and it starts again the next day.

How to end the ritual: On the second Friday, burn the letter and bury the ashes under a strong healthy tree with potential for growth. Forget the spell and await the arrival of your partner.

Recover your ex: spell with a ribbon

You will need: an oil burner with a tea light, two teaspoons of water, 6 drops of ylang oil, matches or a lighter, a green candle (it can also be red, or of any color that symbolizes for you love) 15 to 20 cm in height, an elastic mark to tie around a candle, a red ribbon (approximately 1 meter in length), a green ribbon (approximately 1 meter in length).

The best time to carry out this spell is during the second half of the crescent moon (it can be performed at any time of the year, but it offers better results in the spring).

Create a magic circle Put the oil and water in the oil burner, light the candle and pray to Mary Magdalene. Place the green candle between your hands and say:

“I am giving my complete love to what I have in my hands, true love comes to my life as spring comes after winter.” Tie the rubber band around the candle at the bottom of the candle. Place a strip of red ribbon under the elastic band and say: “My love is balanced and powerful.” Then, repeat this step with the green ribbon and say: “My love is strong and lasting.”

When you finish, you verbalize: “Love, come to me, love, that which is true.” Light the candle, pray gratitude for what is to come. Meditate. Then, remove both tapes and attach them so they can be worn on the wrist. Take it until the couple of your dreams comes to your life.

Do you want to learn more spells? Find your love spell: https://futooro.com/hechizos-amor/

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