Do magical spells really work?

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There have been few people who have contacted me to ask about the effectiveness of the spells. Many people want to know my real experience about its effectiveness or if it was necessary to wait a long time to see its results.

Today I will try to answer some of these questions to clarify, definitely, any kind of doubt that someone may have about whether the spells really work correctly.

First of all, say that there are times that spells do work. However, other times not. Why is it that sometimes the spells are successful and sometimes not? Well, there are several things that influence when performing a ritual of any kind that can affect the final effect of our magic.

Among the main factors involved in the success of a spell, are the following:

The moon phase

It is one of the essential keys to the success of our spell. There is a large amount of spells that are enhanced if we perform them during the Full Moon phase.

The energy of the Moon affects our temperament and our mood, so it is evident that its energy can be decisive during our rituals.

The Moon passes through four phases, each of which is seven days long. The sum of the total days of each phase is 28, also known as the lunar month.

  • New Moon: It is similar to the phase of Waning Moon and it is perfect for spells destined to take something away from our life.
  • Crescent Moon: Ideal for spells through which we intend to achieve something, such as love, good luck or money.
  • Full Moon: My favorite to cast spells. Many consider Full Moon night as the best to use magic.
  • Waning Moon: It is effective for spells with which we want to eliminate something from our lives, like an enemy or any other evil.

The quality and correct use of instruments

When casting our spell, it is important to make sure that we have exactly the right materials to carry it out with the maximum guarantees. Usually, colored candles, herbs, scrolls, incense are usually needed …

All instruments are directly related to the effectiveness of magic.

Our mental state

This is also very important. We must get into the proper mental state that allows us to cast the spell with maximum guarantees. We must project exactly the emotions that are linked to the goal of our spell, so if we are trying to perform a ceremony to get good luck, we should strive to experience the feelings that we would have good fortune on our part.

The will of the Universe

For those who ask me how long they should wait to see the results, everything depends on the wishes of the Universe. It may work in a day or two, or it may take months. Sometimes, you may think that it has not worked and that soon you will be surprised. Above all, keep an optimistic vision and never lose hope.

The sorcerer’s experience

The normal thing is that those who decide to launch their own spell have a minimum of knowledge and experience in the use of magic is concerned. In addition to striving to acquire knowledge, it is important to practice as much as we can. In a short time we will gain confidence in ourselves, and that will translate into ability to perform spells with more strength and power.

The correct management of magical energy

It is evident that with the passage of time not only will we gain experience in the use of magic, but we will also improve our abilities to manage the energy of the environment. Learning to manage magical energy, it is possible that in a short time we will see an increase in our quality of life and a greater potency of the effects of our magical rituals.

The belief that what you do will work

Maybe the most important aspect. Like everything in life, if we do not believe that what we do will work, then it will not. We are the only ones responsible for the success of our projects, so it is important that we are the last to give up and, not only that, but we must have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of what we do.

The spell itself

It seems logical, because although we carry out all the above in the best possible way, everything will always depend on the spell chosen to launch. Some spells work better than others, and each one works differently depending on the person who performs it. Make sure you meet the above points and select a good spell, not only according to what you want to achieve, but also one that can work.

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Eliana Diconda

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