Risks and dangers of making an astral trip

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If we are interested in making an astral projection, it seems natural that we want to be aware of the dangers that this may entail, as well as to know the most effective ways to be forewarned and to protect ourselves against these risks.

Can I physically die during an astral trip?

The most important thing to know is that while you are in an astral projection, your physical body is as susceptible to death as it normally would be.

Anyone could enter your room and kill you, with the difference that if our consciousness is on a different plane, we may not be able to hear it enter.

Although perhaps, what you want to know is if in the astral plane there is a creature that can attack you and kill you in that dimension, and that in this way also kill your physical body.

The reality is that if something similar has happened to someone, we can not know, because if he has died he has not had the opportunity to come and let us know.

However, given my experience I would say that it is possible to die while visiting the astral plane, although it is highly unlikely.

The forces that we do not know are powerful enough to cut the astral silver thread that unites us with our physical body. But do not worry, I think this does not happen almost never.

However: remember, if someone damages your physical body while performing an astral projection, the consequences will be the same no matter what plane you are on.

If the silver thread is our lifeline, how can we protect it?

There is no doubt that the silver thread is the most valuable and important element during an astral trip.

It is our connection between planes, and although it sounds strange, this thread can not be cut, broken or manipulated.

Can a demon possess my body while traveling on the astral plane?

It is, without doubt, the greatest fear that anyone interested in having an astral experience can have, because if our consciousness leaves the body, what would prevent some malicious entity from conquering it during that time?

I do not think it is probable, although it is possible. A demon can only invade our body if we allow it, so if we maintain high vibrations, the danger will be almost zero.

Can you get lost and forget how to get back to your body?

The answer is no. It would be like forgetting where you live when you are traveling in another country. You can take a long time to come back, but you will always know the right way.

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Eliana Diconda

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