How to make a personal altar

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That someone has a personal altar can happen for several reasons: to dedicate space for their important things, to make beautiful any place in our home or to have a place to reflect the true spiritual priorities.

An altar is a unique, personal and spiritual place. It must be a sacred place that expresses creativity and imagination.

An altar can be of any size. It can be the center of the stay or it can be in the garden. No matter the size of the place where you want to place it or whether it is on a piece of furniture or a table. No matter your religious beliefs, since the altars reflect your goals, beliefs and your ideals.

Types of altars

When it comes to classifying the altars, we do it depending on the purpose for which it is designed. There are different types of altar, so you should use your intuition to find which altar is best suited to you. These are just some of the many types of altar:

Basic altar

It is an elementary altar that uses the energy of the four elements of Nature.

It is a very popular altar in some cultures where homage is paid to the strength of the earth, water, fire and air.

Bring these elements to your life and surround yourself with the positive energy that makes them up.

Altar of meditation

The main characteristic of an altar to meditate is that it is usual to make use of gems and precious stones so that its metaphysical properties help us to connect with the spiritual plane.

Altar for goals

These types of altars are usually intended to achieve a specific goal. If you want to get love or protection, or get money and fortune, these types of altars can be very useful.

Altar of rituals

With these altars we can perform any kind of ritual. It is a perfect place to store the items that we usually use in our ceremonies, such as stones, candles or oils. Most magical rituals need this type of altar.

Altar for memories

It may contain photos of our deceased relatives, fresh flowers and personal memories that honor the life you wish to honor. They also usually include a space for meditation.

Seasonal altar

There are not a few people who want to create an altar for every season of the year. It is a way of paying tribute to the station that arrives and to make our house more beautiful.

Choosing the perfect location for your altar

Choosing a suitable place for the altar is very important. Many people consider their altar their personal refuge or they enjoy teaching it to others.

If you use fragile elements, make sure to place it in a protected place, where your pets or children can not reach.

If you do not want anyone to manipulate your altar, you can place it inside a closet, where it can be protected under lock and key.

If we are going to use it to meditate or pray, it is important to be in a quiet place where nothing can bother you while you are using it.

It is important that you create your altar in a place where it is integrated with the rest of the elements of the room. There must be harmony and cohesion between what surrounds you and your altar when you decide to use it.

How to decorate your altar

Everything depends on the type of altar that you have chosen to create, you can decorate it with one or two elements that complement the main essence of your altar.

Fresh or dried flowers, candles, photographs, incense, precious stones and jewelry, clothes, messages, amulets … the possibilities are endless.

However, we must ensure that it is balanced. We should not overload it and we should worry about keeping it clean and orderly.

You can change the altar as many times as you wish and you can create as many altars as you wish.

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Eliana Diconda

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