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When we love ourselves, we see life in a much simpler and more pleasant way. When we realize that self-esteem is determined by a choice, by choosing to love us, it is when we see clearly that it is only a question of practice. So, if it’s so easy, why not start right now?

Love is the highest state of our existence, and everything begins in us and in our capacity to love. Therefore, for others to love us, we must first love ourselves and all that makes up our life. When we respect ourselves and try to be honest and kind we can also be afraid of feeling unprotected and vulnerable, but being human beings with pure and true intentions is the only way to make others do it too. In addition, we will naturally get closer to those destined to be with us and, in the same way, we will move away from those we do not deserve in our lives.

Along with self-esteem come transparency and compassion, two very important elements in the magical and spiritual world, that if we train them together with our self-esteem, it will make it bigger every time and exert a more powerful and positive influence on us and everything our environment.

Practicing meditation for self-love will help us improve our self-esteem and respect for who we are. And we all know that feeling good, everything will be much easier for us, so achieving other goals, such as love, paying a bill or protecting our health will be much easier.

This meditation should be carried out on a regular basis, as much as you can and want.

Everyone can have their own method to achieve it, but maintaining a positive and friendly attitude towards yourself and others is a great way to start. Once you have learned how to carry out self and others’ love, you can do the meditation quickly wherever you are and in any situation.

Meditation for self-love

Sit wherever you want, although it is better to do it somewhere with calm and peaceful, so you can easily enter a meditative state. Let your thoughts flow without paying attention, focusing on your deep and long breathing. You may suddenly feel an avalanche of thoughts, but you should just let them go without paying attention. Just focus on your body and your breathing.

You must pay your full attention to the chakras of your heart, which are located right in the center of your chest. The normal thing is that almost all our attention accumulates around our eyes, since vision is our most sensitive human sense, so you may have to make an effort to lower that attention from your eyes to your heart.

The heart is the place where peace and love are stored, whatever type it may be.

Imagine that you breathe from the heart chakra. You must feel a powerful ball of light in your chest that becomes bigger after each inhalation. When we breathe, we absorb the positive energy that surrounds us, and this causes the heart chakra to get bigger, until we feel that it is capable of flooding the place with light, warmth, love and healing.

To increase its power we can think of people and animals that we love and love unconditionally. It is also very effective to think about things that generate or attract energy. In short, thinking about pleasant things will make everything more pleasant around us.

In short, thinking about pleasant things will make everything more pleasant around us…. You must do it slowly and calmly, feeling every word in your heart:

“There is infinite love in the Universe,
There is infinite love in me
I see myself as the eternal soul that I am
I know that my role is very important in this world
Guide me to see the way
Give me the clarity to help me see that everything is worth it.
I am a Divine being and I love every part of my
As much as I love others
Thanks and so be it.”

Breathe slowly and let the power of these words flow. If you feel some kind of resistance while reading it, try to find out where in your body you feel it and direct the energy of your heart to that area. Once you notice that it has disappeared completely or that it has been weakened enough, it is time to start reading from the beginning.

Imagine an angel that protects you from behind. It is no more than an innate part of your eternal being that always takes care of you. Feel as it surrounds you with its energy and consoles you with its power. Concentrate on the love of this angel and the Universe for as long as you need.

You can also remember all the wonderful qualities you have. Think of all the aspects of yourself that you feel improve your life and those of your loved ones. Think of all the aspects of yourself that you feel improve your life and those of your loved ones. Focus on the benefits that somehow only you can achieve, those that people can detect or that you are aware of yourself…. Gave:

I am … -sensitive, affectionate, kind, generous, sympathetic, curious, inspiring, creative, careful, etc.

Saying these words out loud during your meditative state will make it become more powerful and effective.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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