Spell to find the work of your dreams

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Aprende a manifestar abundancia y éxito verdaderamente

This spell is very powerful, but it is more effective if we perform it under the influence of the New Moon.

To do it, we will need:

  • A candle of the color that we prefer that will represent us.
  • A brown candle
  • A green candle
  • Oil
  • Incense

To begin we must impregnate the candles with the essence oil of herbs. We must anoint all the candles completely and wait about 45 minutes to adhere all their influence, but leaving a margin to avoid wetting the wick. We must also make sure to place them in a safe place, since we will need to leave them on until they are completely consumed.

After preparing your altar or your circle of protection, we must place the brown candle in the center, the green candle on the right and the candle of the color that represents you, on the left.

Light the candle that represents you and say:

“I beg for a change, please,

Help me to see my way clearly. “

Then, we light the green candle and we will say:

“Good luck you are for me,

Prosperity and abundance, you are welcome. “

Finally, we will light the brown candle and say:

“Opportunities, work and wealth,

I can see you, and I see you. “

We must say each enchantment while we light the candles. It is important that you do not turn them off and let them be spent whole, since then we will need the wax.

You can sit every day for seven days to meditate in front of the candles. Concentrate on visualizing the balance coming to your life and the work you would like to perform. Concentrate on visualizing the balance coming to your life and the work you would like to play. Feel what you would feel going to that job and thank the forces of the beyond for their help….

But we must not remain all in meditation, since to attract positive energy we must show an optimistic attitude and actively look for a job. Follow your intuition and get the job you want so much.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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