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Since ancient times it has been considered that each type of magic has a color associated with it, but what is it that makes white magic so powerful and effective?

White magic is one of the most powerful that exists, since it is nourished by the purest energies of the Universe, hence the white is its color.

What can magic do for you?

It is said that those interested in knowing the properties and spells based on white magic are people with high moral and ethical values, since they use their powers and abilities in order to achieve good, unlike those who use black magic, that take advantage of the influence of negative energies to cause evil.

Magic is the path to fulfillment, the reflection of our power and the key to a happy life.

Witches are often depicted as a horrible and dangerous being who casts a series of spells as destructive as they are devastating. However, the vast majority of practitioners of magic have positive and beneficial goals, so their intentions are usually as good as they are peaceful for themselves and for others.

How magic really works

Unlike other types of magic, whoever makes use of white magic through spells, rituals or personal altars is giving fate another reason to be rewarded. Since who uses white magic, he always does it with his best intention.

Magic leaves aside what you know and focuses on intuition, especially when you use it to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals.

White magic has always been related to the casting of spells and the performance of rituals, to name a few examples. However, this type of energy goes much further and is within the reach of all of us, however, it will only work if we carry it out with the pure purpose of doing good.

How to learn to do magic

Have you already prepared yourself to learn everything about magic, appreciated apprentice? Here are four simple steps to learn magic:

Step 1: Speak positive

Learn how spells work, but remember before that one of the peculiarities of white magic is that it only works in positive. Instead of “I hope it’s not wrong,” say: “It’s going to be wonderful!” Love spells are great for apprentices.

Step 2: Let yourself flow

Although many times we blame others for what happens to us, the reality is that we can only control ourselves. In this way, if you are a person interested in performing white magic you should know that it is only up to you that your magic works. Remember that magic is transmitted through words and actions, so it is important to consider both what we say and what we do. Magic by words can have great effects in the short term, however, the magic of actions is much more persistent over time.

Step 3: Practice

To train our powers we do not need candles or incense. In addition to knowing the magic spells, it is important to keep us in constant exercise of white magic. To do so, you must only bring the thought “I want to do white magic” to your mind throughout the day, as much as you are capable. In this way you will be asking the Universe to give you this unparalleled power. Remember to make your request even in the most critical moments, since this is where white magic really has its power. For example, if you are treated badly, the store clerk understands that this poor person, unlike you, knows nothing about the power of the energies, so it is best to send our best wishes through a show of compassion. through complacency and kindness.

Step 4: Share it

If for some reason white magic is so prized in the magical world, it is for the simple reason of its purity. As your skills with white magic grow, you will be aware that white magic is much more effective when we share it, since its effects will multiply and return us in the form of something wonderful.

Follow these four steps and, with time, you will conceive a stronger connection with magic and your intuition, so that you can aspire to a life that you love.

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I understand you

I understand the confusion that arises when you try to use magic for the first time. Therefore, I want to make sure you understand it perfectly. I will be your guide in this adventure.

I think the time will come when each person you will discover all the power of magic and intuition. I am here to unveil all the secrets of magic so that you can benefit.

I am here to unveil all the secrets of magic so that you can benefit….

… it is normal to trust your intuition and use your knowledge to fulfill your dreams.

… it is normal to use magic whenever you need an intuitive tool.

… and it is normal to be inspired and take advantage of all the energies produced by your actions.

This vision is what moves Magic and Power. I know the power of magic and how it can change your life and that of others.

So, do you think like me?! Have you already prepared to join intuition and be part of a real difference in the world thanks to the power of magic?!

Let’s make this trip together!

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