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We all love our pets very much. We all love our pets very much. They accompany us and give us good moments of happiness at times when it may even be difficult for other humans.

It may seem logical to think that in a world full of dangers, more than one and one you want to protect your pet from any evil that may be exposed.

To cast this special spell to protect our pets we must wait for it to be Friday.

The necessary materials are:

  • A purple candle
  • Jasmine Incense

Launch a pet protection spell

Place your pet in a room where you light the purple candle. Make sure you use a gas lighter and not a match, since the materials in it can add negative energy to the spell. Then light the incense too.

Imagine your pet protected by a violet light that makes it immune to dangers.

Just let the candle burn completely and then bury it under a big tree with big roots as close to your house as possible.

Benefits of pet protection spells

A pet is like a friend, and even if they are not human, they can care as much as a person. One way to help may be to use magic so that a spell protects them throughout their lives. With this spell you will ensure a prosperous and protected life.

It does not matter if your pet is a dog, a horse or a fish. Using this protective spell you will invoke and activate the most powerful forces in the Universe that will be on your side to keep your special friend safe.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

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