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Although there are other spells to attract good luck, this one that I bring to you is a simple but effective spell of good luck. It is an ancient spell of gypsy origin, that to perform we only need to use a coin and a bit of magic.

With this gypsy spell we will be able to invoke good luck and attract it to ourselves. It is one of those simple but effective spells in which we do not need too many things to perform, just one: a coin.

Coins are the smallest representation of money. Although it may seem that a coin has little apparent value, the truth is that its strength at the time of completing a spell is truly amazing. With this spell we will be able to convert the strength of the currency’s power into success, wealth and more money.

Although it is a very easy spell to do, it is important to put all the possible implication and be aware that we are casting a magic spell.

How to cast the spell to attract good luck with currency

To attract good luck with a coin, we have to do this:

When you feel that good luck has left you, take a coin from your pocket.

Squeeze it into your hand and close it to your heart for a few seconds, in order to concentrate and increase the energy of the spell. In this way we will load the coin with the energy of our heart and our soul.

Move your hand to your forehead while you think:

“Currency for good luck”.

If you can say it out loud and repeat it several times, much better.

Now kiss the hand holding the coin and say

“Give this coin the justice of luck”

And throw it to a fountain, a garden, or just leave it anywhere it looks like a good place to put your lucky coin.

Leave it there and do not look back.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent spell for beginners and will not only help you to have more luck in your life, but you will make the world a more magical place. It is said that whoever finds that coin, now or in the future, will also enjoy good luck.

You can bless the coin while you leave it in the house of someone to whom you wish to give good luck, but do not tell them about the spell, or it will break and stop working.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

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