Excellent spell with the three stones of good luck

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Good luck is something that sometimes seems impossible to find.

Maintaining a positive attitude and an open mind are two of the essential things we can do to attract beneficial opportunities.

However, with some powerful magic spell like this or the good luck spell with candles we can invoke good luck very effectively.

We just need:

  • A small box that we can close
  • 3 precious stones
  • A paper
  • Something green to write
  • A green candle
  • Incense

To perform the ritual we must wait until the moon is in the fourth quarter, that is, in the growth phase of the satellite.

We begin to prepare ourselves by placing ourselves before our altar or by drawing a circle of protection. Take some time to meditate and clear your mind.

Close your eyes and sit down.

Place your hands on the wooden box and say:

“By the force of the Earth,

By the force of Air,

By the force of Fire,

By the force of Water,

Give strength to this box

It will help me to help,

So be it. “

Then, light the green candle and the incense. Feel the positive energy that invades you and write those feelings on paper.

Remember every happy moment and write down the feelings you experience. Then roll up the paper and store it in the small box.

Now think about what you have written and rejoice for those experiences.

Then place each precious stone in your hand and sing:

“Good luck come to me,

Powers and energies, give it to me. “

Place each gem in the box, close it and turn off the green candle.

You must repeat this ceremony for seven days, and the last one opens the box so that all the positive energy that you have been introducing comes out.

Take the precious stones with you to attract more good luck. If you want, you can share them with your loved ones.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

La vida es mucho menos oscura cuando nos esforzamos por iluminarla con nuestra luz interior.

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