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With the right spell, the task of stopping drinking alcohol can be considerably facilitated. Like the rest of spells to zoom out, it is much more effective if we perform it during New Moon or Crescent Moon.

It is important to remember that if you are psychologically addicted to alcohol, this spell will not have enough influence to keep the drink away forever, so a doctor is the best option for this type of case.

To cast the spell to stop drinking alcohol, you will need:

  • About 15 pieces of paper and a pencil
  • A bottle of your favorite liquor
  • A black rope
  • A glass tumbler

Before casting the spell, spend some time thinking about your motivations for which you want to stop drinking alcohol. Write each reason on an individual paper. For example:

  • I spend a lot of money on alcohol
  • I hate the hangover
  • Drinking excessively harms my health
  • Casting the spell to stop drinking

However, you must look within yourself for the real reasons why you want to eliminate alcohol from your life and then write them down carefully.

Start the ritual by preparing your magic circle and meditating until you can clarify and calm your mind. Gather all the papers and read each one out loud. Then, just the opposite affirms, as if you had already left the drink. For example:

  • I spend a lot of money on alcohol would become “I have a lot of money now that I do not drink.”
  • I hate the hangover it would become “I feel good because I always wake up fresh like a rose”.
  • Drinking excessively harms my health would become “My health now is much better because I no longer drink.”

Take the time you need to feel how you would feel if what you say is already true.

Strive to experience that feeling of happiness and freedom of a non-addicted person. Then put the pieces of paper inside the empty bottle

When you have done this, tie the black string around the neck of the bottle and secure it with three strong knots.

Now take the glass of water and imagine a gentle light coming from within. Drink the water slowly and feel how the water purifies and blesses your whole body.

Then say:

“I’m no longer addicted to drinking. So be it.”

Feel real and close your circle.

Bury the bottle in the ground or throw it away.

Every time you feel tempted to drink once you have cast this enchantment, just drink a glass of water and repeat that visualization of purity.

Eliana Diconda

Eliana Diconda

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